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RTDS Technologies Inc.    TAURON - Polska Energia    AREVA T&D Świebodzice, Poland

The exhibition will run in parallel to MEPS'10 technical sessions and will be open from 9:00 Monday, September 20, until 15:00, September 22, in room 113, first floor, building D-20. The exhibition floor plan can be found here...

RTDS Technologies Inc.

RTDS Technologies is the industry standard for real time digital power system simulators used in over 30 countries world wide. We are committed to our customers and continue to lead the way with our innovative hardware, software, and support. Our commitment to quality and excellence is second to none and sets the standard for all of our products.

  • RTDS Technologies was incorporated in December, 1993.
  • Privately owned and operated.
  • 28 employees - 23 engineers or technical staff and 5 administrative staff.
  • 19 world-wide representatives.
  • Committed to education and research through various sponsorships.
  • The RTDS Simulator was the culmination of research done at the Manitoba HVDC Research Centre in the 1980's.
  • World's 1st real time digital power system simulator.
  • 1st commercial installation in 1993.
  • RTDS Technologies Inc. founded in 1994 to carry on development, support and commercialization of the RTDS Simulator.
  • Our clients are utilities, equipment manufacturers & research institutes.
  • Over 500 units in operation.
  • More than 150 installations in 30 countries.

100-150 Innovation Drive
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2E1
phone:+1 204 989 9700
fax:+1 204 452 4303

TAURON - Polska Energia

TAURON Polska Energia S.A., previously called Energetyka Południe S.A., was established on 6 December 2006 in connection with the implementation of the “Program for the Energy Sector” adopted by the Council of Ministers. The program involved establishment of four large business entities that would consolidate both distributors and producers of energy. The goal of the consolidation was to create entities that would be strong enough to effectively compete with other European companies in the free energy market.

On 9 May 2007 the State Treasury contributed the shares of Południowy Koncern Energetyczny S.A. in Katowice, Enion S.A. in Cracow, EnergiaPro Koncern Energetyczny S.A. in Wroclaw and Elektrownia Stalowa Wola S.A. to Energetyka Południe S.A.

In addition to the above four companies, the holding includes also other companies such as Enion Energia sp. z o.o., Pierwsza Kompania Handlowa Polska Energia sp. z o.o. and EnergiaPro Gigawat sp. z o.o. in the field of energy trading, TAURON Ekoenergia sp. z o.o. and Zespół Elektrowni Wodnych Rożnów sp. z o.o. in the field of energy generation from renewable sources and Południowy Koncern Węglowy S.A. in the area of coal mining. Moreover, TAURON Polska Energia took over Elektrociepłownia Tychy S.A. and Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej Katowice S.A.

Today, TAURON Group is one of the largest business entities in Poland with the capital of approximately PLN 14 billion. The holding employs over 28 thousand people.

TAURON Polska Energia S.A.
ul. Lwowska 23
40-389 Katowice
phone: +48 32 774 27 04
fax +48 32 774 20 81

AREVA T&D Świebodzice, Poland

Year of company's incorporation: 1945

Main activities:

  • Manufacturing Centre for Automation BU panels in Europe
  • Configuration base for Digital Control systems in Poland
  • Base for LV relays manufacturing and customisation centre for Central & Eastern Europe

Other activities:

  • Sales force for Automation BU products & systems over Poland, Baltic States, Ukraine, Bielarus, Stan countries, Moldovia, Georgia, Armenia
  • Host unit for T&D Poland administration

AREVA T&D Sp. z o.o. Zakład Automatyki i Systemów Elektroenergetycznych
address: Strzegomska 23/27, 58-160 Świebodzice, Poland
phone: +48 74/85 48 410, fax: +48 74/8 548 548


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The MEPS'10 symposium meetings took place in the Congress Centre of Wroclaw University of Technology.

Wroclaw, Poland

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